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Complete pet food for kittens.


100% of your kitten's daily needs
Our recipes help build strong muscles, bones and teeth
Developed with your kitten in mind to give them the best start in life
Available in convenient pouches for a kitten meal that is ready in seconds!


Our FELIX Kitten Mixed Selection Pack in Jelly contains all the necessary proteins and minerals your kitten needs Growing kittens need nutritional care from the very beginning and specifically formulated food to meet their every need. Our FELIX Kitten Mixed Selection Pack in Jelly is a great assortment of delicious flavours, packed with essential nutrients. PURINA experts and nutritionists have developed our recipes to make sure your kitten has the best start in life, beginning with their diet. We include proteins, minerals and vitamins that promote growth and support the development of healthy teeth, muscles and bones in your kitten.


Box Contents: 3 x with Chicken, 3 x with Cod, 3 x with Lamb, 3 x with Plaice

FELIX Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food 12 x 100g


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