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Our Story

Originally a working farm, Bill & Jean Bradshaw started selling some of their own free range eggs on the side of the road over 40 years ago, this was the start of the farm shop!

Together with the eggs they started selling some fruit & veg, with the majority grown on their own farm.


Steadily throughout the years the shop became increasingly popular and expansion was regularly required.


Bradshaw’s philosophy has always been to have as much of their fresh produce home or locally grown. Over the years, the farms land has been increasingly used to grow fruit and vegetables such as new potatoes, rhubarb, spring cabbage, pumpkins, courgettes, marrows, spinach, leeks, beetroot, beans, spinach, blackcurrants, gooseberries and a selection of herbs.


In addition to the farm shop, there is also a garden centre that has grown progressively throughout the years plus two large outdoor buildings that are used to store large amounts of logs, coal, composts, fertilisers etc.


The Farm Shop also sells various wild bird and pet food that can either be bought in bulk or in smaller quantities.


The most recent extension was completed in April 2009. This doubled the size of the shop meaning they could not only increase their fresh produce range but also add many new locally produced lines such as meat, bread, cakes and cheese to name just a few.

Today we are constantly expanding our range of products, whilst carrying on with growing our own produce. Throughout the summer we grow a few thousand pumpkins & squash in preparation for our very popular 'pumpkin picking' event. 

We are now offering many of our products for sale online for delivery to the local area.

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