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Our Farm

Ever since we opened the shop we have always used our farm to grow our own produce. Over the years we have grown a variety of fruit & vegetables that have been very popular in the farm shop.


Today our main growing focus is the three large patches we use for 'pumpkin picking'. Altogether we can grow around 6000 plants on these patches. We grow the classic orange pumpkins, white 'ghost' pumpkins, warty pumpkins, a mixture of squash, marrows and mini pumpkins. 

We also have a large rhubarb patch that we pick throughout the spring and summer. We also have five polytunnels that we use for growing courgettes, new potatoes  and spring cabbages.

Pumpkin Picking

Throughout October each year, we host our incredibly popular Pumpkin Picking event. 

Each Spring we sow several thousand pumpkin & squash seeds in our polytunnels. In around mid June we plant all of these plants out onto our 'pumpkin patches' and in polytunnels. By late September these patches become a sea of orange and are ready for October's pumpkin picking.

The event is on every day in October and due to how busy it can get we have a booking only rule on the weekends and half term week. 

As well as the traditional orange pumpkins we also grow white 'ghost pumpkins', warty pumpkins, a mixture of squash and also marrows so you have plenty of variety to choose from. 

When you come down, you simply need to grab a wheelbarrow, head onto the patch and bring what you have picked to the pumpkin shed to be weighed at the end.

Bradshaw's started out by selling their own eggs from their free range hens and we still do the same today. At the bottom of our field we have a large pen where our free range hens can roam around freely. Fresh eggs are collected daily and sold in the shop.

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