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Named after the founders of Naturaw – Louis & Ada. Just freshly prepared fish, blended with some potato to form into little bite size training treats and then put in a 100% compostable bag. it sounds pretty easy really, but you would be surprised how many others manage to make a right ol’ dogs dinner of it by using unethically sourced ingredients from half way around the world, or adding a load of processed nonsense our beloved dogs shouldn‘t be consuming.



100% compostable pouch. Just chuck our pretty clever little bag in the compost when the contents have been devoured (hint – it will be sooner than you think). We don’t believe in trashing the planet with plastic any more than we do feeding our dogs unhealthy, artificial rubbish. yeah it’s not the easiest or most lucrative way for us to do things, but we passionately believe companies should take responsibility and make the effort.



80% freshly prepared fish (salmon, trout, white fish], 20% potato/sweet potato.



Protein: 25.5%, Oil & Fat: 15.5%, Ash: 10%, Fibre: 2% / Energy (kcal/100g) 369

A Little Fishy Treats - 100g


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