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Blood Fish & Bone Organic Fertiliser - 25 KG


Fruit, vegetables and flowers all benefit from the use of this organic fertiliser .


NPK Analysis

5 - 5 - 6



  • Before planting or sowing: Apply 140g/m² and lightly fork or rake in to the soil


  • As a top dressing: Apply 70g/m² around the plants and lightly fork in to the soil


Water in well if rain does not occur within 24 hours of application.


Any rates that we recommend should also take into account the nutrient levels in your own soil.  In studies it has been found that many private gardeners are using up to 5 times the amount of fertiliser than is necessary.  Our recommendation is that you either invest in a soil testing kit or send a sample to a soil analyst service for advice before using fertilisers.  We also advise caution with regard to waterways as overuse can cause run off and contamination.  Applying fertilisers little and often and then retesting your soil is good practice.


Fertilisers usually have their nitrogen, phosphate and potassium levels expressed as 'NPK' values.  Nitrogen promotes green leafy foliage; phosphate promotes strong root systems and potash promotes fruit and flower production and general plant health.


Fertiliser manufacturers may legitimately include some inert material like clay or sand into their products in order to act as a carrier to ensure that the correct levels of nutrient are present in that particular compound.


Blood Fish & Bone - 25kg


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