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A muesli mix with a natural coating, suitable for all adult working dogs.

• An appetising mix of meat, cooked peas, steam cooked flaked cereals and crunchy biscuits.
• Carefully formulated to meet the energy requirements of adult dogs in moderate working conditions.
• Coated with wheat glucose syrup which gives the food added natural flavour and a distinctive texture.
• Excellent levels of bio-available carbohydrate for sustained energy and stamina.

Ingredients: Protein pellets containing beef meat meal, wheat glucoe syrup, cooked flaked maize, extruded wholewheat biscuits, cooked flaked peas, cooked wheatflakes, oils, vitamins and minerals.

Typical Analysis: Protein 21%, Oil 8%, Fibre 3%, Ash 9%

15kg Skinner's Field & Trial Muesli Mix


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